Make Your Care Easier With A Home Doctor Service

Unfortunately, there are many thousands of Australians who are restricted in their movement and activities due to chronic or short-term illnesses and conditions that prevent them from visiting their local doctor. For those who are restricted in their movement, it can feel like they are trapped with no option to receive treatment, which a terrible position for anyone to find themselves in. However, there are options for those stuck at home against their will with a home doctor service providing all the support and advice that you would get at your local general practitioner or hospital. 

What Is A Home Doctor Service?

Several medical centres and organisations have sprung up to cater to those who are bedridden or otherwise unable to leave their house, which is how the home doctor service came about. Put simply, the service means that a qualified doctor will make scheduled visits to your home to ensure that the person who is ill still receives adequate medical care. This can be life-saving for those who would otherwise not get any healthcare at all. It must be noted that this service is NOT for emergency treatment. If you have severe and abrupt pains, then you should always go directly to a hospital.

Do They Bulk Bill?

Depending on the home doctor service you sign up with, yes, many organisations do indeed offer bulk-billed home doctors. It is important to check the fine details when signing up to any medical service to see if bulk billing is offered. If it is not, then keep searching for a bulk-billed home doctor because they are definitely out there. That means that, even though you get a fully qualified doctor to visit your home, you will not pay any more than you would if you visited them in their own practice.

How Do I Organise A Home Doctor Service?

When researching for a home doctor service, you will no doubt come across the common chronic conditions a home doctor generally deals with. In fact, anyone can sign up for a home doctor service and schedule regular visits. Many elderly people use home doctor services even though they are generally in perfect health, and if you have a broken foot or otherwise serious injury preventing you from visiting the doctor, you too could benefit from a home visit. While some home doctor services may restrict their clientele, in general, there is no reason why, if you feel you need one, you can't have a visit from your local doctor to your home. 

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